Records Disposition Approval Module

Records Disposition Approval Module for Content Suite

Simplify and automate with the essential records management solution extension (SolEx) for OpenText Content Server

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Product Features

RDA is the essential records management module for OpenText Content Suite. Driven by customers like you, RDA was built to make it easy for OpenText Content Server (OTCS) users to sign-off on records as well as to reduce the time it takes for records managers to process the records once they receive the approvals.

Simplified Sign-Off Process for Approvers

The ability to view all the metadata for an object so a decision can be made quickly.  RDA Filters and Facets to quickly identify sets of records and approve or reject them in batches.

Approve/Reject Records in BATCHES

Simplified Records Disposition Support

Ability to request feedback for support if User is unsure about a certain record.  Easily select approved records and de-select rejected records for processing in a disposition search.  Bulk apply holds or update records management metadata directly from an RDA.

BULK Apply Holds or Updates

Simplified Review Process

View summary of every user's approval.   Customize the disposition call to action (i.e. delete vs. archiving)

VIEW Summary of every user's approval

RDA Integrated Reporting Framework

Write and integrate your own custom reports into the RDA process.
Supports OpenText LiveReports, OpenText WebReports and Red House Simplates technologies.

CUSTOM Reporting

Records Management Features WITH RDA for OpenText Content Server

Records Management Features

with RDA

Content Server RM

Auto-assign approvers based on metadata

Reassign Approvers

Records Managers to view progress

Records Manager override approval state 

More than 2 approvers

requires custom workflows

Clean and easy to use interface


“Slice & Dice” a single Disposition Search into multiple RDA work packages based on metadata  


Rename approval buttons and tabs to match disposition process 


Transitory record notification add-on


Temporarily augment permissions to ensure approvers and see records needing review


Send instructions or additional information along with RDA work package


Recall a RDA


Filter out records already in review from subsequent disposition searches


Use Facets during RDA creation Process


Use the content filter during RDA creation and Review Process


Complete Audit of each Reviewer’s approval, rejection, and feedback


Ability to integrate LiveReport and WebReports directly into the RDA interface


Capture Notes and attachments for each RDA work package


Records Manager can force approve records


Report to Verify Approver’s Rights to ensure all approvers have ability to see records they need to approve


Modify Approvers for an active RDA


Automatically assign additional approvers based on classification


Auto-Process approved records when review process completes


Integrated transitory record review process


Approver/Reviewer Features WITH RDA for OpenText Content Server

Approver Features

with RDA

Content Server RM

Approve/Reject one or more records at a time  

Clean and easy to use interface


Request feedback on disposition of records  


Filter out records already out for review from subsequent Disposition searches  


“1 Click Approve” Records  

 5 Clicks

Use Facets during Review Process


Use the content filter during RDA creation and Review Process  


Automatic Forwarding to next approver is Time period expires


Allow approvers to reassign work packages  


Configurable Email Reminders to remind approvers of due date


View all metadata for each with out clicking around  


RDA Features

  • Simplified Sign-Off
  • Simplified Dispositions 
  • Simplified Review Process