PriSM extends Content Server in several important ways. PriSM augments the object security by surfacing the permissions inherited from a folder when a user is contributing, moving or copying content. It also allows the users who have edit permission to make changes to the inherited security on the object at the time of contribution.

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100% Flexibility is our Goal

PriSM is available as a traditional or term (annual) pricing / per Content Server instance.

Be stress-free knowing that you have all the bases covered with support and upgrades included in the price, and we work with you to determine the best licensing option to provide the most value at the lowest cost.

What is SaaS Pricing?

Term pricing is a cost-effective approach to obtaining the use of software in an organization. A lower annual cost that flat-out purchase, and are "operating expenditures" rather than "capital expenditures".

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Product Features

  • Augment and Manage Permissions
  • Content Control
  • Improved Taxonomy Adherence
  • Simplified Interface
  • Reduced Risk of Publishing Confidential Material
  • Provide Governance