OpenText Translator for Content Suite

OpenText Translator for Content Suite

The OpenText Translator for Content Suite is for any OpenText Content Server customer that works with information in multiple languages. Period.

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Product Overview

Cassia Content Management, an OpenText SolEx Partner

The OpenText Translator for Content Suite for Content Suite platform by Cassia is an enterprise class software add-on. As part of the  OpenText Solution Extension Marketplace (SolEx) our solution extends the multilingual capabilities of OpenText Content Suite platform to include content previewing, translated searching, and seamless multilingual (non English / foreign language supported) attributes, facets, columns and reports.

Our translator tool, a software product specifically designed for OpenText Content Server, enhances and extends the search and collaboration for any organization's information created and stored in multiple languages.

  • A True MULTILINGUAL USER INTERFACE - Increase user adoption with an interface and metadata in user's native language
  • FIND INFORMATION in Multiple Languages - Find information as translated search extended to multiple languages
  • Understand ALL Content -  via the Translated Content Previewer feature
  • International Multilingual COLLABORATION -  via Multilingual Workflows
  • Multilingual Records Management -  descriptions, comments, classification fields and more
  • Controlled vocabulary via assisted corporate lexicon.

With the module installed users can take advantage of a true interface in your language including metadata. There are several components required to achieve this including a language pack, our translation module and machine translation.

OpenText Cloud Certified:

Now available as part of OpenText™ Cloud Managed Services

OpenText Supported Languages:

The OpenText Translation module by Cassia assumes that there is an OpenText Content Server language pack in place as it translates features not already translated by the language pack(s). Currently OpenText offers the following language packs for Content Server: Arabic, Catalan, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).

Please note for any language not supported (i.e. the above) will require language pack development by Cassia.

Cassia Developed Language Packs:

Cassia currently has language packs for: CroatianCzech and Slovak

Cassia Metadata Supported Languages:

Metadata languages are supported once the OpenText translation module is installed. The Assisted Translated Search and Content Preview feature requires the use of a 3rd party machine translation provider (sold separately). The available metadata languages are only limited to the languages supported by your machine translation engine of choice. Please see our machine translation page for our current supported partners. Cassia can integrate with most machine translation engines subject to an available API.

Cassia Extended ECM Support:

Support/Integration for OpenText Extended ECM for Salesforce is available as part of our solutions for customers using OpenText Content Server 21.2 or above. For customers using versions before 21.2, or require xECM integration with other platforms, Cassia offers the OpenText Translator Extended ECM extension as an additional add-on for our Translation module which leverages/synchronizes multilingual metadata from your existing xECM source. (Integration with OpenText Extended ECM for SAP for example). 

Product Videos

Product Screenshots

Classic View without OpenText Translator

Classic View with OpenText Translator

Classic View with OpenText Translator (French)

Smart View without OpenText Translator

Smarrt View with OpenText Translator

Smarrt View with OpenText Translator (French)

Assisted Field Translation

Assisted Field Translation Keywords

Advanced Search for Safety Report without assisted search

Advanced Search for Safety Report with assisted search

Include Automatic translation - Assisted Search

Assisted Translated Search- Under the covers

Content Previewer - Chinese

Content Previewer - Chinese to English

xECM for Salesforce - French

xECM for Salesforce  (French)

Content Preview (within Salesforce)

Deployment Options

Product Features

  • Multilingual Metadata
  • Translated Search
  • Translated Previewer

Even More Features

  • Multilingual Workflows
  • Multilingual RM

Customer Testimonials

Currently we are using category attributes multilingualization in conjunction with multilingual Webreports tags and standard Content Server multilingual functionality."
"[…] Improved ability to find information as Search extended to multiple languages

Bank of Latvia

In our environment, it's provide solutions that are easy to use. In most cases, this information must be presented in both of Canada's official languages. We need a way to do this that is all encompassing within our OpenText Content Server environment and easy for our content creators to manage. Cassia's solutions have helped us do exactly that. They have been a great partner for us and their support has been amazing, especially throughout our content Server upgrade cycles.

St, Lawrence Seaway