OpenText Translation Module - Extended ECM Add-on

OpenText Translator for Content Suite - xECM Extension

Integration to leverage/synchronize your multilingual metadata from your existing xECM source.

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Cassia Extended ECM Integrations

Improve efficiency by connecting OpenText Extended ECM Platform and Cassia's Extended ECM Translation Add-On for the OpenText Translator for Content Suite Platform with lead applications like SAP® ERP, Microsoft® Office 365, Salesforce®, SAP SuccessFactors® and more.

Some custom development may be required for integration with your existing xECM source depending on your requirements.


SAP Extended ECM by OpenText and SAP Information Lifecycle Management provide advanced content management to support your move to SAP S/4HANA and create intelligent operations. Enable legacy decommissioning, reduce the size and cost associated with large databases, and achieve regulatory compliance. 

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OpenText™ Extended ECM for SAP Solutions adds data and document archiving, imaging, document management, collaboration, certified records management, and application-spanning virtual views of related information to your SAP systems.

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SAP® SuccessFactors®

SAP SuccessFactors Extended Enterprise Content Management by OpenText helps your HR team easily create and manage a central digital record of all employee files. This helps ensure regulatory compliance and reduces the time and costs associated with document management.


Extended ECM for Salesforce is an enterprise solution for sharing, controlling and managing documents and content within Salesforce. Automatically apply Document and Records Management to your content and make it available to the whole organization.

Oracle® e-Business Suite

OpenText Extended ECM for Oracle® E-Business Suite manages all forms of content throughout its lifecycle. It provides consistent, secure and auditable information governance to all forms of information.

Microsoft® Sharepoint®

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft SharePoint allows organizations to gain quicker access to the information they need so they can be more agile and competitive.

 Microsoft® Office 365™

OpenText™ Extended ECM for Microsoft® Office 365™ provides the critical connection between content and business processes that enables organizations to maximize their investment in Office 365 and accelerate efficiencies across their enterprise.

 Microsoft® Dynamics 365®

OpenText Extended ECM for Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects client data and sales, marketing, customer and field service business processes for better collaboration, increased productivity and more revenue.

OpenText xECM Integrations

  • SAP S/4HANA®
  • SAP®
  • SuccessFactors®
  • Salesforce®
  • Microsoft® Office 365®
  • Oracle® e-Business
  • SAP® hybris
  • SAP® c4c
  • Microsoft® Sharepoint
  • Microsoft® Dynamics 365