OpenText Translator for Content Suite

OpenText Translator for Content Suite

The OpenText Translator for Content Suite is for any OpenText Content Server customer that works with information in multiple languages. Period.

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There are several pricing components to the OpenText Translator:

The OpenText Translator for Content Suite is priced on a per-user basis as a perpetual license or SaaS pricing* model.

The OpenText Translator extends the multilingual features upon core supported language packs for OpenText Content Server. The module assumes there is an existing language pack in your desired language. If you require a complete user interface in a language not currently supported by OpenText you will require a language pack to be developed by Cassia or your preferred supplier.

The module and is also sold by OpenText or official OpenText Resellers as part of the OpenText Solution Extension (SolEx) Marketplace . If you do not already have a relationship with an OpenText Office /Account Executive and wish to purchase through OpenText please contact us directly and we will connect you with a member of their team.

The translation within our module is facilitated by integration with machine translation . Out-of-the-box the OpenText translator integrates with Microsoft Azure, RWS (formerly SDL), Systran Neural Machine Translation, and Google Translate. See Cassia's Machine Translation partners here.

Lastly, the OpenText Translator Extended ECM extension is sold as a separate add-on. (enabling multilingualization of external metadata sources like SAP, Salesforce and Oracle for example)

*What is SaaS Pricing?

Term pricing is a cost-effective approach to obtaining the use of software in an organization. A lower annual cost that flat-out purchase, and are "operating expenditures" rather than "capital expenditures".

The OpenText Translator is now OpenText Cloud certified!

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Product Features

  • Multilingual Metadata
  • Translated Search
  • Translated Previewer

Even More Features

  • Multilingual Reporting
  • Multilingual Workflows
  • Multilingual RM