SHIFT Migration Tool

SHIFT Migration Tool

SHIFT is the ultimate tool for IT Administrators to simplify their migration from OpenText Content Sever to Microsoft SharePoint

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Product Overview

The SHIFT Migration Tool is an administrative tool to effective migrate from OpenText Content Server (OTCS) to Microsoft SharePoint.

How Does it Work?

  • Connect product name to Content Server and SharePoint in quick, easy steps
  • Verify objects from Content Server and remove duplicates or unsuitable content from the migration queue
  • Map migration destination based on Content Server folder hierarchy or metadata values
  • Run or schedule migration tasks for uninterrupted service and queue modified or new content for later migration as either a version of an already migrated object or a new object
  • Follow the progress of the migration with powerful reporting tools to keep on schedule.

Product Videos

Product Screenshots

Supplemental Markings Locker - Bolster Supplemental Markings

Bolster Supplemental Markings

Promote Versions- Advanced Versioning

Promote Versions

Permissions Locker

Permissions Locker

Increase Privacy - Users & Groups Locker

Users and Groups Locker

Extended Auditing

Extended Auditing

Control Collections

Control Collections

Allow Items - Location-based Privileges for Items

Location-based Privileges for Items

Quick Object and Usage Privileges

Quick Object / Usage Privileges

Product Benefits

  • Faster Migration Time
  • Lower Cost in Services
  • No Content Lost in Migration
  • Ability to Migrate the Content Over Time
  • Ability to Migrate Content with No Interruption to Service